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Friday, March 27, 2015

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Witchcraft Today

For centuries, the practice of witchcraft was considered an evil and foul tradition, and witches were hunted and killed, often by the cruelest methods, such as burning alive at the stake. Fear of witches and witchcraft was widespread throughout several areas of Europe and in some areas of a newly settled America until the eighteen century.

Thankfully, modern society has moved beyond such superstition and insanity, and today, witches are free to practice varying traditions of witchcraft openly and without fear of persecution. While Wicca is the most popular tradition of witchcraft in the western world, native Americans and indigenous tribes located in Central and South America as well as most of Asia, still practice shamanism. In Louisiana and Haiti, Voodoo is practiced, and coexists with similar traditions such as Santeria, Hoodoo or Macumba in the rest of the Carribeans.

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