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Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Sabbat Places

Witches Sabbats were often held in the following remote and quite places : ruins and remnants of antique temples (this refer to the various pagan cults), mountaintops, forests, and abandoned churches.


  • In Brittany, the Carnac area full of dolmen
  • in the Alps, the Pra-Pratis field near the Queyras (where is erected a stone);
  • In Auvergne, the top of the Puy-de-Dome (old temple of Venus);
  • in the Cotentin, the Meautis land;
  • in Lorraine, the stone of the Repy.
  • In the Basque country, the beach of Hendaye is supposed to have hosted more than 12 000 witches according to De Lancre.
  • In the Basque country the Sabbat (there called Akelarre, or 'field of the goat') was said to be celebrated in isolated fields.


  • Carignano
  • Benevento 


  • The Brocken  mountain (Harz) where remains an old menhir.
  • Blocksberg
  • Melibäus
  • The Black Forest.

Elsewhere in Europe

The Bald Mount (Poland), Vaspaku, Zabern, Kopastatö (Hungary), The church of Blokula (Sweden)

The Witches Sabbat


The Witches Gallery