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Sunday, February 07, 2016

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Flying Ointment

Traditional English Flying Ointment from Erica Jong's Witches

  1. 3 grams annamthol
  2. 30 grams betel
  3. 50 grams extract of opium
  4. 6 grams cinquefoil
  5. 15 grams henbane
  6. 15 grams belladonna
  7. 15 grams hemlock
  8. 250 grams cannabis Indica
  9. 5 grams canthreidin

Blend with oil of your choice, baby fat, vaseline, safflower oil, or butter. 

Modern American Flying Ointment

  1. 1 jar hand cream
  2. 1 tsp. vegetable fat
  3. 1/2 tsp. belladonna
  4. 3 drops liquid detergent
  5. 1/2 tsp. wolfbane juice

Mix well with perfume of your choosing 

French Flying Ointments : Three Recipes

I. Du persil, de l'eau de l'Aconite, des feuiles de Peuple, et de la suye.

(Parsley, essence of aconite, poplar leaves and soot.)


II. De la Berle, de l'Acorum vulgaire, de la Quintafeuille, du sang de chauvesouris, de la Morelle edormante, et de l'huyle.

(Water parsnip, sweet flag, cinquefoil, bat's blood, deadly nightshade, and oil.)


III. De graisse d'enfant, de suc d' Ache, d'Aconite, de Quintefeuille, de Morelle, et du suye.

(Baby's fat, juice of the water parsnip, aconite, cinquefoil, deadly nightshade, and soot.)


Modern Wicca Flying Ointment Beeswax Base Recipe


  1. 4c. Standard Beeswax Base
  2. 1/4c. skullcap
  3. 1/2c. jasmine flowers
  4. 1/2c. lavender flowers
  5. 1/4c. hawthorn berries
  6. 1/3c. elderberries
  7. 1/4c. elderflowers
  8. 1/2c. mistletoe
  9. 1/3c. mugwort
  10. 1/4c. rue
  11. 20 drops of the pure essential oil of myrtle
  12. 20 drops of the pure essential oil of hops
  13. 10 drops of the pure essential oil of linden (careful! often adulterated!)
  14. 10 drops of the pure essential oil of clary sage
  15. 10mL of a 5% dilution of narcissus in grapeseed oil

To make a standard beeswax base, in a glass double boiler melt 2 1/3 cup of beeswax gently using as low a heat as possible. Once the beeswax has melted, mix 1 2/3 cup of jojoba oil until it is smooth.

I prefer to use a combination of jojoba and wheat germ oil but as this recipe calls for some grape seed oil, I have omitted my favorite mixture in favor of the standard. Once the mix is smooth (you have just made the base) then add your herbs to this mixture. Once added, keep at as low a temperature as possible, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Too much heat destroys the very essence you are trying to extract.Once you have allowed the herbs to steep in the base (about 30 min), strain using a strainer to get the herbs out.

You can try cheesecloth if you're feeling up to the challenge. Return the mix to the double boiler and if it is solidifying, reheat slightly but the water should still be warm enough to fend off premature hardening. At this point, add all your essential oils DO NOT add more than 10mL of a 5% dilution of narcissus oil no matter how hard it is for you to 'fly'. It could cause nausea and even paralysis so just don't do it. Do not reheat at this point since you are almost done.

When finished, decant into a sturdy, heatproof container. You now have a very potent and potentially dangerous witches flying ointment.

This ointment is quite strong owing to the combinations of herbs and oils used so act in a responsible way and use it sparingly and only after ritual preparation. To use, apply first a small amount to the inside of your elbow and wait 24h to check for reactions.

Then if it is safe, wash yourself completely in a shower or bath and dry for 30 min (essential as your skin will push the ointment out instead of absorbing it.

Meditate on your intent and cast your circle with someone present who will watch over you. Apply a small amount to your body keeping it away from any sensitive areas, as well as your nose, mouth and eyes. Do *not* ingest this mixture. Once you are ready to come back, remove any remaining mixture and eat some fresh fruit, nuts and bread being careful to avoid meat, caffeine, peppermint (including tea), chamomile tea and chocolate.

Dosages given are for *Adults*. Unless specific dosage is labeled 'for Children', *do not give to Children*. Do not use if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, have a history of heart disease or have high blood pressure.


This recipe was contributed by Straif Blackthorn, a professional aromatherapist and witch of over 15 years.



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